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We provide Manpower, Chemicals , Materials , Tools , Machineries & Equipment to various organizations.

We provide all sorts of Security Equipments like : CCTV, Access Control, Archway & various security equipment’s and Devices .
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Security Guard ServicesWe provide experienced guards & Supervisor from Ex-Army, retired Army officers from different sectors.
JANITOR CLUBOur experienced electricians will be able to provide Electrical & Plumbing Equipment for your office and houses.


  • On behalf of Clients,We Collect rent form tenants & deposit the same in owner’s Bank account & confirm.
  • We Collect & deposit of all utility bills like Electrical (PGCB, DESCO), Water
  • (WASA) & Gas (Titus) and maintain the record accordingly.
  • Loan Payment, if any, deposited to respective bank.
  • Cleaning of the flat / apartment like whitewash, repairing refurbishing etc.
  • Arranging/hire tenants on behalf of flat / apartment owner on vacation.
  • Transfer of goods on vacation / occupation of flats/ apartments
  • Sale/ Purchasing of flat/ apartment.
  • Legal Aids.
  • Carpet wash/Floor wash/toilet wash
  • One time or Periodic Cleaning
  • Electronic Equipment supply & services
  • Plumbing supply & Services
  • Lift Operator /MLSS /Peaon/Gardener
  • Security Equipment`s Supply &Installations